Making the dream a reality

In this world, how does one make such a dream into a life's goal?

I first began with myself, as I you will see in my History and Timeline. I realized that to give reality to my personal goals I would have to reach other people and to be able to influence their lives. I knew that would depend on becoming seen and known. Yes, I had to start being known as an individual, a single entity. But once my identity was established, I was certain that what I desired to achieve would also become known. And through that knowledge and influence I could begin to make real the message of my dream.

I have pursued my career, gained exposure and still continue to work for more status and recognition in the world of fitness, modeling, TV hosting and appearances and TV and film acting. Through this exposure I will be able to reach beyond the limits of each of these professions and make real the dream of the seven year old, who first thought he would have to run away, but then did not.

© Robert 2012